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The LOVOO ladies’ dream team: The hottest squad 2016

CAUTION, here it comes: The LOVOO ladies’ dream team! We asked more than 3,000 of our female users who they would vote for in their dream national team, and we don’t want to keep the results from you any longer. Here is the unbeatably hot eleven who get the hearts of women racing during the European Championship:


Spain is in the goal:
Iker Casillas (ESP)

It is no surprise that mighty Iker is beaming with a zest for life. Born in the merry month of May, our 1.86 meter goal hero was destined for football. His strengths are his ability to react quickly and one-on-one situations. He is also a hit with the ladies and we have nothing against his innate protective instincts.

With the sex appeal of this defense, the opposing team doesn’t stand a chance:
Mats Hummels (DEU), Gerard Piqué (ESP), Sergio Ramos (ESP) and Marc Bartra (ESP)

Mats! Gerard! Sergio! Marc! Well, what can we say about these guys that is not already obvious?! One stands out more than the others, and Gerard Piqué is our personal superstar among the defense heroes. Shakira could not be wrong in choosing this 1.92 meter man to be the father of her children. That is why we are choosing him as the hottest defense player of EM!

The midfield is ranking high with:
Eden Hazard (BEL), Mario Götze (GER) and Daniele De Rossi (ITA)

The midfield is a far cry from mid-range players. Our ladies consider the best-looking guys to be Eden Hazard, Mario Götze and Daniele De Rossi. Rossi and Co. are already taken, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be gushing during the European Championship.

There are no words, here are the core strikers:
Cristiano Ronaldo (POR), Thomas Müller (GER) and Olivier Giroud (FRA)

This powerful combination of core players leaves nothing to be desired. It is hard not to mention Ronaldo’s six-pack, down-to-earth Müller and the wonderfully stylish Olivier. Good choice, ladies! Almost all of the guys are off the market, but psssst… at least Olivier is not shy about sharing his French charm with other pretty people. And it has come to our attention that Ronaldo is back on the market. Love is on the soccer field!

The cutest trainer comes from Wales:
Chris Coleman (GAL)

Sorry, Jogi. The ladies have gone for Chris Coleman, seen as you were busy smelling your balls. With his 46 years, the Welsh football god has no reason to hide away.

Have we forgotten something? Have we left anyone on the bench?

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