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Movie Clichés that Never Happen in Real Life

Relationships in real life don’t tend to be like those in the movies. But just how unrealistic is the world of fictionalised romance? We take a look at some scenarios that never seem to pan out in real life.

The ‘meet cute’

A relatively new term, this is a scenario often encountered in romantic comedies when a protagonist meets their love interest in some unusual and quirky way.

However, if you spend your days looking for love by the penguin exhibit at the zoo or rollerblading through the city, you’re more likely to meet children and suspicious adults than any potential dates.


The geeky girl transformed into the prom queen

For nerds everywhere, the idea that a few lashings of mascara and a skimpy dress will win you the attention of every red-blooded male is an appealing one.

But while a makeover can win you a few superficial points, no relationship worth its salt is based on high heels and a push-up bra.


The bad guy who has a change of heart

Let’s face it, if you’re dating someone with a wandering eye and a penchant for the ladies, the likelihood is that he’s going to stay that way.

Sure, you want to believe that you can change them and that you’re special enough to make them change their ways, but you know that you’ll be kicking yourself six months down the line when you’re helplessly waiting on a phone call that never comes.


The best friends who fall in love

Another classic: two incredibly attractive people who have been platonic friends for years, only to finally realise that they were made for each other all along.

Unfortunately, it’s total fiction. If both of them are single – and probably even if they’re not – it’s an absolute given that at least one them will have thought about fucking the other one. Several times.


The star-crossed lovers who overcome the odds

Sure, people from two different worlds can fall in love, but getting together isn’t the hard bit.

From arguments around the dinner table to uncomfortable interactions with the in-laws, love across class and social divides isn’t all about sharing plates of spaghetti or flying around on magic carpets. Whatever Walt Disney might tell you.


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