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Impress Your Date & Bluff Your Way Through UEFA Euro 2016!

If your date, your man or your “on-something” friend is a football fan and you want him to continue speaking to you between 10th June and 10th July, then you’re in luck.

Over here at LOVOO we’ve made you a really useful list to help you feel more confident when talking about the beautiful game. Rejoice! Those blank stares when he mentions the offside rule, asking when is Brazil playing, or where Barcelona is, are finally over!

But… what’s going on? Why so much expectation?

As you may know, there is a World Cup every 4 years (2010, 2014…). To fill this gap, the Euro Cup was created, with a similar format and every 4 years (2012, 2016…). On this occasion, the party starts on 10th June.

Just remember, participants are not football clubs (Man. United, Real Madrid, Juventus…) but national teams (France, England, Spain…).

What’s the format? How does it work?

Easy. It is quite like the World Cup. First, there is a small league with 6 groups (A-F) and four teams in each group. Every team plays against each other, and the winner gets 3 pts., the looser 0 pts., and in case of drawing, 1 pt. to each other.

When the first round is over, the 1st, the 2nd, and the 4 best 3rd national teams from the groups go through to the second round, which is a knockout round. This is more interesting. One team against each another, the winner goes on and the looser is eliminated. Emotions run high at this stage, be sensitive.

EM 2016

¿…and if they draw?

If they draw and you are yawning, I have bad news. In case of the first round, as mentioned before, they get 1 pt. each team and done. In the second round, there has to be a winner, so 30 minutes extra-time are played to see if a goal comes, and if not, it’s on to penalties!

The second round kicks off with the ‘Round of 16’ (see Diagram B), followed by the quarter final, semifinal and the big final, on the glorious night of July 10th at 21:00. Don’t make plans!

…and which teams are playing?

A total of 24 national teams (see Diagram A). Here are the most important things: all the big ones are playing: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England… except Holland – they didn’t make it through. It’s fine to laugh about that.

Belgium aims to be the young upstart, and France looks strong, because they’re playing at home (write down all this stuff!). Switzerland could be the surprise in this Eurocup, and Italy, like always, will be a hard nut to crack.

…and the players? Where is Beckham?

Luckily for England, Beckham won’t play this Eurocup. Bud Vardy will (England). And Pogba, Griezmann (France), Iniesta (Spain), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Buffon (Italy) and Müller (Germany).

Surprisingly, neither Balotelli nor Benzema were called up for Italy or France respectively – something to consider if you are in a bar surrounded by 12 guys and you want to be noticed.

…can I have it to take away?

Of course! Here you have a summary of the 5 most important points and the respective useful phrases for Euro 2016!

    1. The Eurocup is played every 4 years (2012, 2016…) by national teams (France, Spain…) not football teams.“I really want to watch proper football! Much better than watching those corrupted football teams!” You can spit after that
    2. After the first round, classified teams play one against each other in a win or lose format.“Let’s see if we are lucky and we get a piece of cake for the second round… Romania wouldn’t be bad!
    3.  In the second round, in case of a draw, extra time is played (30 min.) if it stays a draw, 5 penalties are taken per team.“How exciting but how unfair penalties are!” -> a classic.
    4. Holland isn’t playing hahahahahaha.“HOLLAND ISN’T PLAYING HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”.
    5. Pay attention to important players (Iniesta, Müller, Cristiano Ronaldo) and also to rookies (Vardy, Morata, Halilovic).“Vardy looks promising, it’s just a pity that the rest of the team are not at his level…”Bonus sentence:“Ugh! Italy playing defensively again! Cowards!!” You can spit again here

With all this information, you are more than ready to be the queen of bars, giant screens and crowds situations. Take a look again at the offside rule in case you are in doubt and enjoy! Just be careful, you might end up addicted to the beautiful game.

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