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From Online to Offline – Essential Prep for Your First Meet Up

You’ve been talking to them online now for nearly a month, is it time to finally meet up in real life? Meeting someone new should always be fun, but it can be a little nerve-racking especially if it’s the first time you’ve met someone from the online world.

With numerous horror stories about people being nothing like they seemed online, or you know, Catfishing in general, it’s not a surprise that you’re in two minds about it.

If things turn out great, then it’s all good, but what if things turn a little sour? Here are a few tips on how you should prepare before meeting up with your online crush.

1. Time

Before planning to meet, you should limit the time that you talk each day. Limiting this interaction with each other means that you’ve not used up every source of conversation topics when you first meet –  you’re actually giving yourselves more time to discover important things about each other, without giving too much away.

You’ll also not scare them off by appearing too keen.


2. Background

It’s always nice to double check that the person you’re talking to isn’t just a stock photo. If you’re worried about them not being completely honest, why not do a little online hunt for them.

There are enough social networks now that can be signed up to, so the chances are that if your potential date is real, they’re on these platforms too. Sure, it might seem a little stalkerish, but you can never be too cautious.


3. Call

Before making the final decision to meet up somewhere, you could always just talk to them on the phone. I don’t know if you remember this, but this is exactly why mobile phones were made – so you can talk on the go.

Why not go the full way and talk to them on Skype, or a similar platform where you can actually hear them and see their face – there’s no faking those!


4. Be open minded

Is their first date plan something you’ve not done before? Just try it out. Is it sky diving? Then maybe think about it a bit longer. If you’re trying to come up with fun, original first date ideas, it might just be a good idea to go with it and try something new.

Just don’t end up pushing them into doing something that they don’t want to do, they’ll end up unhappy and the date will be a long, hard process.


5. Be yourself

There’s nothing worse than putting on a show (or a fake foreign accent) if you’re trying to show off.

We both know you’ll probably slip up about your “career” as an undercover reporter, and hopefully you were being just as honest on your profile as they were.


6. Topics

Dating is a way to distract ourselves from everyday life, so try to avoid heavy topics in the news, and at all costs avoid politics when you meet. Hopefully you will have cleared up briefly what type of backgrounds you’re both from, so can avoid really awkward clashing situations when you finally meet face to face.

You’d be surprised at how many dates go wrong because of football team issues.


7. Interests

You’ll have covered common interests when talking online, so what better way than to discuss these more in depth.

Why not even surprise them with something new that you’ve taken up, unless it’s a little creepy like hybrid taxidermy – don’t worry though, everyone has their own secret talents, just big yourself up a little.


8. Listen

The conversation should casually be two ways, so once you’re done saying your part try your best to listen and not get distracted. There’s nothing worse than asking the same question twice and promptly forgetting what the reply was.

Oh, and try not to yawn. That’s probably one of the worst things you could do. If you’re bored of the conversation, change the topic and revive yourself, or nip to the loo and do some star jumps.


9. Honesty

It’s always good to give an honest opinion about certain things, you can’t always agree on everything because it’s most likely not true and they’ll be able to see through that.

However, stay away from topics that make you look negative, controversial or are oversharing a bit too much. That ex of yours might have been an arsehole, but they don’t need to know that.


10. Exit plan

Okay, so you tried all of the textbook rules and guidelines, but nothing is going right. It could just be that they plain lied on their profile, and your perfect partner turned out to be a perfect bullshitter.

Keep your friend on standby to give you an “emergency” call, or just simply excuse yourself to the bathroom and bail. Sometimes you just have to make a run for it then promptly deactivate your dating app account for a week or so.


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