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5 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Start Dating

You’ve finally shaken off that booze and food belly from the festive season, you’re starting to flash a little more flesh, and everyone around you is full of the flirty playfulness of Spring.

Here’s why it’s the best time of year to start dating.


1. It’s warm enough to get flirty Spring Dating

Let’s face it. The idea of battling the cold weather by cuddling up with a new squeeze might sound appealing, but who really feels sexy piled under 3 duvets?

You might get a nice romantic snuggle in, but anything more enthusiastic is likely to be greeted by screams of terror whenever your bare bits hit the icy air.

In spring, it’s warm enough to strip off with abandon.


2. Your schedule is free

With the hectic party season long left behind you and the summer frivolities just a speck in the distance, you’ve actually got time to dedicate to new love.

Even better – meet someone now and you can just have fun without the pressure of suddenly having to be a stranger’s wedding date. Don’t know where to start? You can spring into seasonal dating with just a few clicks at LOVOO!


3. Everyone looks beautiful…

It’s amazing what a bit of sun can do. In the winter, it can be difficult to see what people look like under several layers of fleece and wool. But come the spring, we all shake off our cocoons and emerge as the beautiful butterflies we are – which makes for plenty of eye candy to browse.


4. …and they’ll only get hotter

Think everyone looks great now? Wait until they all have tanned skin and an even more carefree attitude.

It’s a proven fact that people look more gorgeous the warmer it gets, so if you’re smart enough to bag a hottie in Spring it’ll only get better from here in.


5. It’s the most romantic season

Sure, winter has plenty of advocates with its fireside romance and long walks in the snow, but it’s just so awfully clichéd.

Winter might be a time for love but Spring is definitely the time for lust – give me a crisp spring walk and a tumble in freshly mown grass over crackling logs and Christmas jumpers any day…


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