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5 Places to Say You Met, Instead of a Dating App

Thinking about taking the plunge, and downloading a dating app like LOVOO? Good for you! It’s a great way to meet new people. But, want a better ‘How I Met Your Mother’ story to tell at family functions, and make other couples jealous? We’ve got you covered. Try one of these tall tales on for size.


A Zany ‘Meet Cute’

If the person you end up falling for is a movie fan, this might be the alternative for you. Listeners to your story will say ‘awww’ as you describe the awkward, but adorable series of events that brought you together.

But, don’t make it too over the top. Saying you fell down the stairs, broke your leg, and fell in love over your cast at A&E, will mean investing in all kinds of props… and your date possibly having to find a new job at the local hospital.

The Supermarket

This is a romantic classic. Everyone wants to meet at the supermarket. The problem is choosing which supermarket and which aisle. Do you go upscale and classy? You grabbing for the last jar of swan pâté in Waitrose, but gallantly giving it up, because the beautiful person also reaching for it, is hosting a dinner party that evening.

Or would your friends never believe you? They know you too well, and would find it much more believable, if you got into a fight late one evening over the last bottle of cheap plonk at Aldi, but then decided to take your wine rival home, where you shared the wine and have been together ever since.

In a Bar

The problem with this one is that it can be a bit dull. You’ll need to come up with a killer one-liner, or ‘moment’ that drew you together, and had the power to overshadow the pounding chart music in TigerTiger and 2for1 Jaegerbombs. Otherwise, listeners to your story might begin to yawn, and the only thing worse than telling them you met on a dating app, is having them bored by the fake story you choose.

A Cafe

Assuming you are the kind of person that hangs out in cafes which aren’t packed and too loud to speak to someone, this might just work. Pick a book that both of you like, have one spot the other reading and voila! A relationship was born. Assuming you don’t live in a city like London, where speaking to a stranger, about something you’re enthusiastic about is basically forbidden.

At Work

This works if you do actually work in the same building but didn’t know each other, or work for a dating app – in which case ‘technically’, when using that app, you were at work. Although really, the addition of the dating app in this story, kinda makes it much more interesting. So maybe take a deep breath and think about coming clean.

All merriment aside, it’s time to take the plunge! Dating apps are out there, everybody’s doing it, and lots of people are enjoying it. So why not try LOVOO? and see who’s up for making up a ‘how we met’ story with you.

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