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10 Struggles Single People Will Understand – Part 1

Being single is amazing. Most of the time anyway. The freedom to do what you want, when you feel like it, or just plain don’t feel like doing anything at all.

You’re your own leader, you can go on dates with new people, meet new people and not get judged for it, hell you can just stay at home chilling by yourself if the mood takes you.

But sometimes, being single can be a pain in the ass. Here are some of the struggles that only single people will understand.

1. Unwanted PDAs

You have to witness some of your closest friends be in damn cute relationships together. PDA is forced upon you, and you simply have to ignore. Even the nicknames, snookums.

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2. You have to listen to all their happy musings on the future

The same friends will tell you how great it is to be together, and then ask your opinion on baby names even though they’re dated for maybe three months, or worse, discuss what wallpaper would go nicely in their bedroom.


3. Never ending baby showers

You have to attend baby showers when all you can think about is how that breast pump you bought as a present was the closest to anything erotic in your life for the past five months.


4. Single judgement

You’re judged for overusing your LOVOO app, and are greeted with rolled eyes when you say, “It’s just for meeting like-minded people.”


5. Every night becomes a ‘couples’ night’

When you go out with your friends  you have to specifically ask if it can be “us girls”, otherwise you end up being the third wheel, or any odd number.


6. In-jokes

When this happens you’re always the one taking photos, or just not understanding the “private jokes”.


7. Going home alone

When the night ends, you have to get a cab for one, which normally takes you the long way home because you’re too scared to ask for a certain route as the driver is bat shit crazy.


8. The hangover kicks in and you just want to be held


9. You become the designated ‘Agony Aunt’

Your friends will get into fights with their partner and when they explain it to you, you just glaze over because it’s normally something to do with them spending too much time on the X-Box or spilling red wine all over the new sofa.

But you’re a good friend so all you can do is feign interest and hope you remembered to set the DVR to record the latest episode of American Horror Story.


10. Then they’ll tell you about their dwindling sex life and you’re like, no


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